Ensemble Apotropaïk

recorded august 28th 2019 at Church of Saint-Germain du Salembre with its program Aÿ Amours !

“Aÿ Amours !”
The courtly lyric is undoubtedly the poetic essence of secular medieval music. An inexhaustible source of inspiration for troubadours or trouvères, it finds a resonance in the love songs of the 15th century, giving way to the expression of a passionate or disappointed love.

Clémence Niclas, voice and flute
Marie-Domitille Murez, gothic harp
Louise Bouedo-Mallet, bow fiddle
Clément Stagnol, medieval lute

When purchasing this concert, you will get the individual tracks as a bons for free !

Link to their website:

“Aÿ Amours” – Playlist

  1. Ay Amours – Anonymus
  2. Lamento di Tristano and Rotta – Anonymus
  3. Piece without title – Anonymus
  4. La belle se siet au pied de la tourDufay
  5. From: Buxtehuder Orgelbuch
  6. Adiu mes AmorsHenricus Isaac
  7. Adieu mes AmoursJosquin des Prez
  8. Adieu mes Amours – Anonymus
  9. Stella splendens – Anonymus


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