Singing is a gateway to other spaces that connect us to our innermost being.

It allows us to be in harmony with the vibrating structure of the universe and makes visible what is invisible.

The first song is an improvisation about the goddess Inanna, the one who walks between the worlds. The songs 3, 5 and 6 are spontaneous improvisations in tune with the resonance of the place.

The songs 2 and 4 come from manuscripts from the 12th century (France and Germany), a period when the sounds and intervals were written according to the architecture and sacred geometry of the place.

All these songs are a hymn to life. They bring us back to the essential and to inner silence.

This makes us feel that the whole place and the stones of the church of Redon Espic, rich with their history, also start to sing.

Enjoy your listening!

01 Inanna
02 Uterus hodie virginis floruit (anonymous)
03 Improvisation I (Voice, Tanpura)
04 O frondens virga (antiphone, Hildegard von Bingen)
05 Improvisation II (Voice, Tanpura)
06 Healing song


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