Marian Moonen

Marian Moonen

Marion Moonen

transverse flute

Marion Moonen studied at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague with Paul Verhey and Frans Vester, and more specifically the transverse flute with Wilbert Hazelzet.

She is a member of many ensembles including the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, the Kleine Konzert du Rheinische Kantorei (Hermann Max - Germany) and the Bach Players, and since the creation of the Musica ad Rhenum ensemble in 1992, she has performed and recorded most of the repertoire for two baroque flutes with flutist Jed Wentz. Together with Wilbert Hazelzet, she has recorded W.F. Bach's trio sonatas and the quartets of the Classical repertoire. Together with the strong pianist Bart van Oort of the Van Swieten company, she also has Haydn's flute trios, C.M. von Weber's piano trio and Schubert's guitar quartet.

She played the Renaissance flute with the Attaignant Consort for the recording of the record Madame d'Amours. She also recorded Bach's Musical Offering and Mass in B with the Bach Players.


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