La Quinta Pars

La Quinta Pars

La Quinta Pars

« Thesaurus Harmonicus »

Concert on 27.08.2021 in the church of Saint-Germain-Du-Salembre.

The musicians of Quinta Pars met while studying at the Early Music Department of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon. Founded in 2017, the ensemble is dedicated to the historical, dynamic and creative rendering of an unknown and fascinating musical heritage inherited from famous musicians in 16th century France. As in the paintings of the Renaissance, where musicians perform with instruments from different families, they try to revive the melodic chords that made the souls of the actors of this humanist society vibrate, with a colourful mix of ancient instruments. Lute, renaissance violin, viola da gamba and recorder combine a variety of timbres that offer clear counterpoint and a wide range of sound, underlining the expressive intensity of polyphonic works with contrasting sound textures. Each concert by La Quinta Pars corresponds to an always new scenic concept, adapted to the venue and the audience. The ensemble performs regularly in France and abroad and is coached by internationally renowned performers Rolf Lislevand and Pierre Harnon.
From 1528 and under the reign of Francis I, Pierre Attaignant printed the first collections of four-part chanson musicals in Paris, at a time when this genre was predominant in the musical landscape of the Renaissance. The generation of composers such as Claudin de Sermisy, Thomas Crécquillon and Clément Janequin lend their nobility to music consisting of four independent melodic voices that dialogue with each other through imitation and superimposition. This dense melodic network corresponds to the aesthetic of a full and malleable sound - it fascinates us today with its richness of expression. As the music of a new generation of musicians was published in the following decades, the addition of a fifth voice to pre-existing and universally known songs became a virtuoso exercise reserved only for the finest composers, among whom Roland de Lassus was a figurehead. The integration of this very characteristic and ornate quinta pars leads to a new definition of the musical ideal: the sound spectrum expands and the dialogues become more complex - each musician tells his own story with freedom and spontaneity. In this concert, dance music and instrumental pieces elegantly contrast this repertoire: Pavanes, gaillardes, diminutions and fantasies mix with songs to create a unique, broad and unchanging tempo polarity.

Morgan Marquie: lute and artistic director
Ondřej Hanuš: recorders
Haruna Nakaie: renaissance violin
Lucas Alvarado: viola da gamba
Colin Heller: viola da gamba

Part of the concert:
Pierre Sandrin : Chanson française « Doulce mémoire » (1538)
Claude Gervaise : Pavane et Gaillarde « L’Admiral » (1556)

P.S.: First prize winner in the audience vote.
The ensemble La Quinta Pars was able to delight the audience of the 2021 edition of the Sinfonia Festival for young musicians in France.


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