A journey with yourself

After the two instrumental albums, Interior and Sentimento, Pier d’Andréa presents Vida, a new opus in the “Voyager avec soi” series. We find the intimate dialogue between guitar and cello that made the success of the first two CDs, but the classical spirit is here enriched by therapeutic sound atmospheres whose aim is to vivify the intelligence of the heart. Vida, an even more touching and relaxing musical experience, where Latin and other joyful influences make the dynamics of life vibrate within us.

Thanks to Marie Desaulles, painter, who sublimated the cover of this album by her creative universe particularly in phase with this new opus.

“It’s a very accomplished album, particularly inspired, which will appeal to a very wide audience. You can listen to this music with friends, in the car, in the office and of course at home to relax. Vida is largely inspired by my experience in music therapy with carers of patients who are in great need of resourcing. This also makes it a therapeutic album, useful for de-stressing, sleeping better and of course dreaming! This album is also suitable for therapists for all types of care.

CD 10 tracks. Released on December 10, 2019.


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