Pier d'Andréa

Pier d'Andréa

Pier d’Andréa – a Cultural Creative Artist: Author, Composer and Performer

Pier d'Andréa - a Cultural Creative Artist: Author, Composer and Performer
"Through music, I bring my stone to the edifice of a fairer, more humane and more beautiful society. I firmly believe that the arts have a fundamental role to play in the change we all hope for."

Born in North Africa to an Italian father and a French mother, he grew up in Spain.  Polyglot in his spare time, he composes and expresses himself in several languages. The artist that he is, quickly became interested in the importance of words, the impact of an image or the subtlety of the music that accompanies them! This is how he became a musician, poet and somewhat of a philosopher. His father was not in favour of him becoming an artist... Yet, despite the difficulties, he could not prevent him from welcoming this music all his life, to "travel to the heart of the being within me, which still, more than ever, gives meaning to my existence."

"I must have been about ten years old when I began to put words to these melodies that swirled in my head, then to want to retain them, to structure them, to mature them, to share them little by little, timidly!"


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