Ensemble Into the Winds

Ensemble Into the Winds

Anabelle Guibeaud – chalemie and flutes
Rémi Lécoché – sliding trumpet, sackbut, flutes
Marion le Moal – bombard, flutes
Adrien Reboisson – chalemie, flutes
Laurent Sauron – percussions

program: Le souffle gothique – Musique de l’Europe médiévale du 13e au 16e siècl

This program invites you to immerse yourself in the sound universe that rocked Europe from the late Middle Ages to the early Renaissance, travelling through the colourful timbres of our wind and percussion instruments, copies of period instruments. Through their bright colours and sounds, they transport us into a living musical world that combines intimacy and extravagance, tumult and meditation, moments of celebration and time for contemplation. The hypnotic melodic lines of the very ancient motets that filled the first cathedrals are mixed with the songs of troubadours that call for the liberation of Jerusalem under attack. At the tounoi's place, the heralds announced the knights, interrupted by the brass bands of the high minstrels who would also lead the ball at the castle in the evening. In the alcoves of the palaces, oboes and trumpets give way to soft recorders that hum subtle polyphonies inspired by popular themes... And the naves of the cathedrals resonate with luminous harmonies, evocative of a heavenly peace that is still slow to become that of the kingdom of men.

See the playlist (in french) here.



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